Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Journeys into History and Space

Resident Welwyn Historian Tony Rook will be walking and talking, sometimes separately! Times and places will be in the Festival programme, as usual.

Also, three weeks before the Festival on May Bank Holiday weekend, he and the Museum Service will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Roman Baths opening, saved from destruction when Tony persuaded the builders to bury it in a vault under the central reservation of the A1M, virtually as the bull dozers came over the hill towards it!

There will be a talk about Welwyn's 1st World War men and woman who are named on the war memorial and were from the village in that historic and terrible time. The History Society has built an excellent website to show the experiences of living in Welwyn in that era.

Have you heard about the rocket to Pluto, that celestial body that used to be a planet? Yes, after hundreds of years, apparently it has been down-graded by the experts. Hear all about it from our local space scientist, who has a poem on that very rocket. The rocket passes Pluto around the time of Welwyn Week, then it and the poem will head out "to where no man or poem has gone before!"


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