Sunday, 8 March 2015

Everybody Smile! Photography features in the 2015 Welwyn Festival.

There will be a weekend of international photographs on display in the Civic Centre with other supporting displays and international speakers, with photographs available to buy on the day.

We are planning a Village Photo, were you on the Millenium one, 15 years ago? Standing in the road, outside the church, Katie's and the charity shop!

This time we intend to make it safer, but more spectacular. We will be gathered in St Mary's church yard and the photographer will take his picture(s) from the top of the tower, with you all looking up at him!

We hope to get all 10,000 residents on the shot, which we will probably take during Street Market, so we can over flow into Codicote Road, if you do not all fit in the church yard. It could be spectacular!

The Millenium photo and the 2015 one will both be on sale to raise funds for our 8 charities to help towards our target to donate £5,000 this year, taking us to over £50,000 given out over the last 16 years, thanks to your generosity.


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