Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Welwyn Christmas Lights

Many of the good citizens of Welwyn were concerned that the village was lacking its usual Christmassy feeling of jollity due to the non-appearance of cheery Christmas lights and a tree. The Welwyn Festival supported this view and helped to resolve the issue.

On 25th November, WFG Chair, Andy Trotter responded to questions posted on the Welwyn Festival Facebook page. "It is now looking much more likely lights will go up, with an official announcement next week. The Festival's offer to help financially may not now be needed. We are offering help to get lights up in the oak tree in the church yard. More on that soon too."

This was followed up two days later with: "UPDATE from WFG Chair: Welwyn Christmas lights. The Parish Council look to have secured a donor for a Christmas tree, and someone to erect it and put the lights on it, so we should hear definitely next week.
The Christmas lights that line High Street and Church Street should be going up next week, and we have inspected them and have a solution to repair the 15% of lights which are out The display should be as good as last year, and Jarrards the electricians have agreed to put them up and take them down.
We may have to do the repairs to the 15% early next year when spare lights can be secured More information to follow shortly, Andy."

We are now pleased to announce the following: 

"The lights started to go up this week, Jarrards of WGC the electrical contractors, agreed to do it free of charge

Bill Parker and I checked them out last weekend, and only 15% were off, so they should look OK

Bill has got an estimate to repair the ones that are off, at considerably less than the Council were quoted, but the replacement lights may take 2 weeks to arrive, so repair will have to be in the New Year

It will cost around £1100/£1250 plus a day's labour so with the contributions from the Welwyn businesses, if the money comes in, we may only have to pay around £750 [from the Welwyn Festival pot]

The Christmas tree has been donated by Netherdown Developments, the firemen may put it up, and Bill Parker has offered to put the lights on from his large industrial standard ladder

Terrence Miller and I are going to hold it while he puts the lights on the tree!!!

So with luck we will be having Christmas lights and a tree, and our contribution should fix the lights ready for next year

The Council are considering setting some money aside for next year to supplement the lights/start a fund to replace them at some time in the future.


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the Welwyn Festival Group. 
See you in June!