Monday, 23 June 2014

Welwyn Roman Day MMXIV

Probably the largest Roman re-enactment event in the UK this year. 

Sunday 29 June from 10.30pm until 4.30pm

Experience a day in the life of Welwyn nearly 2,000 years ago.

Take the opportunity to experience how people lived in the four hundred years in the Roman province of Britannia. Learn about military and local life, from the Iron Age to the fifth century, in Hertfordshire and the area around the important settlement at Welwyn.

Batavian AuxilliaryA display by leading re-enactment groups representing military and local life, discover how the Roman Army changed in dress and equipment over time while the local population simply got on with living and working in much the same way as they had always done. Visit the Celtic encampment to learn archery, use a quern to grind flour for bread and other basic skills for living.

Engage with the re-enactors, watch displays of military drill and the use of weaponry from hand to hand fighting to the mighty Onager siege buster and everything in between.

Talk to a Gladiator or a Gladiatrix. See the range of weapons they use and how they defended themselves. Try them for yourself if you feel fit and able.

Join the Legion for your 25 year service to earn the right to Citizenship of Rome, learn the drill and some battle tactics. See daily activities from drop spindle thread making and weaving cloth through to cooking, learn about cosmetics and perfumes and a range of practical craft skills.

Watch, if you dare, the Roman Surgeon at work on wounded legionary.

Organised by Welwyn Roman Baths and Welwyn Hatfield Museum Service, the Welwyn Festival Roman day will take place at Sherrardswood School. Pedestrian access and “Blue Badge parking” will be at the Roman Baths entrance. The main entrance will be at Sherrardswood School with free parking in the grounds. Other parking will be in Welwyn Village with a free park-and-ride shuttle bus service from Fulling Mill Lane to the Baths entrance.

Tickets on the gate will be priced at £8 (children £4) or £20 for a Family ticket (up to 2 adults and 3 children aged 5-16 years old). Children under 5 and those in period costume will be admitted Free.

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