Thursday, 28 October 2010

2010 Results

After a very successful Welwyn Festival Week in June this year, featuring over 70 events over 10 days and attended by over 4,000 local residents, £3,000 was raised for local charity and social groups to aid their work. Last week the charity representatives gathered in Welwyn to collect their cheques and had an opportunity to meet the Welwyn Festival Committee and explain how the money will be used:

  • Herts Air Ambulance needs well over £100,000 a month to keep flying, helping all kinds of patients, from motor accidents to heart attacks;
  • Welwyn Playground Support Group are pushing hard to raise £100k plus in the next 2 years, to replace old and dangerous equipment at the local playing fields;
  • Stuart Centre offers a place for local residents to socialise, and hopes to offer a day trip to people with the money raised;
  • Jubilee House in WGC provides support to over 100 local families with one or more children and adults with various disabilities, and their carers for respite stays. The money donated will help create a sensory room, which residents will find aids their peace of mind;
  • SERV are a group of local motorcyclists who volunteer themselves and their bikes, free of charge, to ferry critical blood supplies from north London to local hospitals in all weathers and times of night, 365 days of the year (two WFG committee members are volunteers for this service);
  • We all know friends or relatives who have benefited from McMillan Cancer Care Service. With a local office in Welwyn, the Festival Committee is delighted to provide assistance to help them continue their wonderful work.

The Welwyn Festival Group is looking for 2011 charities and social groups to support with funds raised from the 2011 Festival – the 37th - which will take place from 17th-27th June.


The Welwyn Mystery Plays organising committee will be donating £700 from their takings to the WFG funds, also donating other amounts to St Mary's Church, St Mary's School and the St John's Ambulance Brigade.