Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Committee Was Pleased To Receive This Feedback

"Dear All

Although not a resident of Welwyn, my wife and I always try to attend your Fun Day. Having been involved with smilar activities for several years, we know only too well how much work goes into the preparation for such a day.

I must congratulate everyone who was involved in last Saturdays event it was fantastic! You always seem to get a really well balanced programme of events as well as interesting stalls to ponder over. Two points I would like to make concern the Dog Show and the Archery display. The presenter of the Scruffs Dog Show was so good, he made me laugh out loud several times as his wit and general comments were so relevant, yet not offensive. I tried to catch up with him after the event to shake his hand, but he quickly disappeared into the crowd. My bet is that he might be a teacher, as his demeanor and manner with the children was so understanding.

The archery stand was also amazing. Not necesarily shooting arrows, but listening to a man called John, who was obviously connected with the group, whose knowledge of the English Long Bow and it's history was truly outstanding. I could have listened to him for hours as he was so interesting and full of facts about the likes of Robin Hood and the Battle of Agincourt etc. I learnt so much in a short space of time it was incredible.

Anyway, I musn't ramble on too much, well done to everyone who was connected with the organisation of this event and I hope you raised plenty of money for your chosen charities.

I am already looking forward to next year!

With grateful thanks

Richard Bailey"


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