Friday, 12 June 2009

Welwyn Film Record Society

The WFRS comprises a small number of photgraphic and film enthusiasts who, over the years, have attended many of the events held in and around Welwyn.

For every Welwyn Festival, they select a three films from various years and give them a public airing in the Civic Centre. Many of these films include the Welwyn Festival itself!

On Tuesday 23rd June, the years selected include Discovering the Roman Baths, 1969 and last year, 2008.

On Thursday 25th June, films will be shown from 1977, 1981 and, for those who might miss Tuesday's showing, 2008 including last year's Welwyn Festival!

The venue for both evenings is the Civic Centre main hall, from 8pm to 10pm.

If you are an enthusiast about photographic filming or editing or Welwyn events and interested in helping to create these historic documentaries, the WFRS will be delighted to talk to you as they are actively seeking more members.

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