Wednesday, 24 June 2009

It's a busy week for the WFG Chair!

Yesterday, Andy Trotter found time to write this ...

Open Gardens, Sunday: a lovely combination of formal garden, with specimen trees set into a lawn, pond with carp, allotment on a grand scale, and fruit trees and flowers in abundance. Bumped into committee member Shirley Guy, who 'adopted' a Canadian couple visiting their daughter this week, and they say that they intend to book to see her again next year in Welwyn Festival Week!

Open Gardens, Monday: committee member Ruth Brett and her two neighbours' gardens looked a picture - and quite a contrast - one having a large allotment/fruit tree area, another partly that and part garden, with Ruth's being mainly garden. All very well presented. The WGF Chairman's wife won the star prize in the tombola too, a lovely white rose - and it was not a fix!

Sunday, I went to a small event at the Roman Baths, which 40 people attended; the Roman soldier in full armour was very warm!

Also went to Gordon Longmead's and the Ayot and Welwyn WI's craft displays:
- The WI's was of their work and photos/memorabilia;
- Gordon's was of thousands of photos covering animals, birds, local people and sites;
Photographs and displays were to a professional standard, stunning!

Saturday, following the Street Market and lunch at the Wellington, I went to the talk on "They put a man on the moon!" It described how they did it, how some crackpots claimed it was a stage set - and proved how it was not. Unfortunately, it was a very small audience, very disappointing for Jerry, who is a highly qualified speaker. We will try holding the talk on a different night next year.

Tonight (Tuesday) I am off to two gardens, the films, book swap and Welwyn's got Talent.

More on those tomorrow!
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